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Sep. 23, 2022

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Well it is OFFICIALLY Fall and you know what that means!! It's time to GIG some more personal bests for my clients. Lately this week the tide has been up making it very easy to pick off the flounder on the flats. We have been seeing consistent good sized flounder with some bigger ones already showing up in my Run spots. My clients have also been giggin quite a few NICE sized sheepshead as well!! We have a weak Cold Front moving in this Monday that won't do too much but it's a good start. I'm looking at the Cold Front that is coming in behind this one. That is going to be a great KICK START into our short Flounder Run. Remember we cannot gig any flounder from November 1st through December 14th. With that being said my open October nights are filling up very fast. I also still have some open nights in December as well.

Please don't hesitate to call or text me anytime so we can get you on the books!
"While everyone else is asleep, we're out GIGGIN EM DEEP!!

Capt Mauch
(361) 658-8624

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